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When Is Enough Enough?

Today, we saw the “leader of the free world” (although, let’s be honest, that mantel has been passed to someone more deserving) single out a group of people because of their gender choice.

This comes on top of a mandate that would remove healthcare coverage for up to 23 million Americans.

It also comes on top of multiple attempts to ban people of a certain religion from having the ability to enter America.

Which comes on top of rigorous enforcement of wholesale removal of families from America, whether they fall within a mandate or not.

All the while, an aged man addresses a Boy Scout convention, and talks about huge victories, weak opponents, and sexual conquests and wild parties.

Then you have the potential collusion with a foreign power, condemnation of the free press, ruling with an iron hand, and essentially doing everything possible to take America back to the stone age.

So, my American friends – when is enough, enough?

When does this circus end? When does it stop being about politics, and power, and start being about good people pushing back and standing up for those who can’t?

When do you become great again?

I remember growing up as a teen, watching John Hughes movies, and wanting nothing more than to visit America and experience the reality of the dream on-screen.

Now? Now that dream has died, as I watch from the sidelines as a beautiful country is taken from one extreme to another.

And I know it’s not everyone. I have many American friends who are appalled at each daily revelation, each daily mandate that takes the U.S. closer to a dictatorship.

But these voices aren’t enough – they already know what needs to be done, and how to effect change.

The question is for those who believed they were voting for a better way, a better day. So, for you, I ask again:

When is enough, enough?

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